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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Most of us make up our mind we want to start shopping for a new car and really have no idea how to begin. Furthermore when we test drive a car, we are not really sure what we should be paying attention to.

Neither new cars or the car buying process are simple these days.  Coffer Insurance, the top auto insurance agency in Orange County, aims to provide some tips that help you make a successful test driving appointment.  You might save some time and potentially some headaches by reading these suggestions.

Test Driving a New Car

1) Call the dealership and ask for the car is ready before you get there.  This can save a lot of time sitting around in a very boring reception area.

2) Drive the car to a busy parking lot like a supermarket and try park.  Parking will allow you to see how well optional features like blind-spot monitoring systems and back-up cameras work.

3) If you have young children. It might be a good idea to bring them and try out the car seats to see if everything fits right and the little ones are comfortable.

4) Some dealerships will bring the car to you if you live close by.  Give them a call and ask.
Save yourself a trip. If you live close to the dealership, ask them to bring the car to you.

Test Driving A Used Car

Test driving a used car is a little different. Used cars have their own personalities and imperfections.  Here are some things to look for in a test drive of a used car.

1)  Look at the rubber padding on the break pedal. If it doesn’t look worn, then perhaps something funky happened where it was replaced.

2)   Pull the steering wheel all the way to each side and check for uneven wear.  Unevenness could be a sign of suspension issues.

3)  Notice the dashboard lights like, Check Engine, Air Bag or anything else.  These lights provide critical information about the current state of the vehicle.  Watch for them to light up when you first start the car. If they don’t light up, or don’t turn off then there might be an issue and you should ask if there’s a problem.

If your test drive goes well and you plan on buying the car then please give Coffer Insurance a call so one of our Auto Insurance experts can get you the best coverage for the lowest rates!