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San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Training

Understanding all the things you need to do to obtain or renew your San Mateo County auto dealer license is time-consuming. Furthermore, it can be frustrating. There are many things you need to do or must qualify for your license. The most effective approach is to find a reputable San Mateo County auto dealer license training company to help you. California has many, and it is difficult to choose which one is best for your needs.

Not surprisingly, most San Mateo County auto dealer license seekers take the easy route and just go with a random training company. Unfortunately, they spend more money than they budgeted. Most importantly, they waste time that could be spent selling vehicles!

Superior Auto Dealer Training Institute is a California company that serves the unique licensing and bond needs of auto dealers. Whether you live in Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos or San Mateo, we have the highest quality San Mateo County auto dealer license training classes.

Most importantly, we are a local, family-owned training institute. We understand the unique licensing and bond needs of auto dealers. This understanding combined with our easily accessible classes, enables us to provide training that meet new or used auto dealer needs. We are your diligent business partner that helps get your dealership licensed and selling quickly.

San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Training
Start courses right now with your purchase. This is the painless new DMV auto dealer license or renewal!

Benefits of Having a San Mateo County Auto Dealer License

So, do you want to sell cars? Well, you need a California DMV dealer license to do that. Our San Mateo County auto dealer license training ensures you are educated and equipped to enter the market successfully.

Even better news is that there are specific auto dealer license benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Access to dealer only auctions. This allows you to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are discounted and enable bigger profits.
  2. No sales tax. As a retail dealer purchasing vehicles through dealer only auctions you are exempt from paying sales tax and DMV fees. This also applies to dealer-to-dealer transactions.
  3. Special dealer license plates for vehicles. This allows dealers to drive their inventory without having to register the vehicles. Additionally, the cars can be used for personal and business use.

San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Types

San Mateo County New Car Retail Dealer License Training

Retail Dealer License

A retail San Mateo County auto dealer license is the most generous license. It allows the dealership to sell as many vehicles as they want to the public. The dealership can also sell vehicles to other auto dealers. Furthermore, they can sell cars at auctions. Finally, this license allows the import and export of vehicles for sale in San Mateo County.

Specific requirements of a retail dealer are the dealer must have physical commercial location. Additionally, signs of at least two sq ft must be present at the place of business. Finally, a minimum of one parking spot must be designated for the business.

We have long been providing retail San Mateo County auto dealer license training for San Mateo County dealers. Our local expert training staff collaborate with you to make sure you are covered and licensed fast.

San Mateo County Wholesale Auto Dealer License Training

Wholesale Dealer License

The wholesale dealership license is more restrictive than retail. Specifically, this license limits the dealership to ONLY selling to other licensed dealers. Furthermore, a wholesale dealer license allows sales at auto dealer only auctions. Our wholesale car dealer license training teaches that you CANNOT sell to the public, family, friends, or yourself.

The requirements for a wholesale license are quite simple. A wholesale auto dealer can work from home or at a commercial location. They are not required to have a physical commercial location or store.

With expert San Mateo County auto dealer license training, you are confident you will be educated on the licensing protocol. We ensure that you know everything you need to obtain your wholesale license and start selling to another dealer quickly.

Retail Dealer Auto Broker Endorsement

This valuable endorsement extends the already generous retail dealer license. It is only available to retail auto dealer license holders. Specifically, the endorsement allows a retail dealer to sell new or used vehicles owned by other dealers. The retail dealer can now execute any transaction whether they have the vehicle or not.

After you have received a retail license, our staff will educate you on the endorsement process. Your success in our number 1 priority. The San Mateo County auto dealer license training ensures your pursuit of the auto broker endorsement is successful.


Training Customer Feedback

Auto Dealer Bond Requirements

Auto dealer bonds provide a financial guarantee to the state of California to ensure dealerships operate in a legal and ethical manner. If a dealership’s customer is financially harmed because of a state law violation, then a bond payout may be demanded. The bond must be written by a surety company licensed through the California Department of Insurance.

Retail dealers must always have $50,000 Bond license is active.

Wholesale Dealers should obtain a $10,000 bond minimum. However, if the wholesale dealer sells twenty-five or more vehicles in a year, they must obtain a $50,000 bond like retail license holders.

San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Training Checklist

California DMV has gone paperless and requires all license submissions to be completed online through the portal. You will upload the necessary documents, fill out necessary applications and sign up for your DMV Dealer test. Here is a checklist to get your started.

Auto Dealer License ChecklistTake our pre-licensing education course. You will receive a “Certificate of Completion” showing completion of the course.

Auto Dealer License ChecklistCreate your DMV account, and upload your certificate to the California DMV portal.

Auto Dealer License ChecklistSet up your business entity as a Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship or Fictitious Business Name (if applicable).

Auto Dealer License ChecklistSign up for the $16 DMV Dealer Test in the DMV portal. Be sure to bring your Certificate of Completion and California driver’s license. The test is a 40 questions. You must score a 70% to pass. Specifically, you cannot miss 12 questions.

Auto Dealer License ChecklistGet your live finger scan (Application provided). Information for personal questionnaire must match your driver’s license exactly!


Top 5 Benefits of an Expert Online San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Training Course

San Mateo County Auto Dealer License Classroom
Superior’s courses ensure a simple licensing process and successful certification. Online training courses are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

There are many benefits to using an independent expert San Mateo County auto dealer license training institute vs going on the Internet to one of the random trainers. Many of the online training services from these companies do not guarantee you will be trained effectively. Superior’s expert trainers have many advantages over fly by night training classes.

An expert Superior San Mateo County auto dealer license trainer will listen to your individual needs then recommend the new or renewal online course for you. Expert auto dealer license trainers in California, will more effectively understand your local County. Understanding your San Mateo County is integral to receiving the right training for your auto dealership. This understanding allows the trainer to create the training plan for your new retail or wholesale car dealership.

Here are 5 ways an expert San Mateo County auto dealer license training class can benefit you:


Localized Regulatory Consultation

Not sure what the exact regulatory requirements are for your San Mateo County auto dealer license or confused about what type of license you need? Expert auto dealer license trainers not only want what is best for your business, but we will provide our professional guidance as well.

We will listen to your goals, strive to not only educate you on how to succeed as a dealer, but also counsel you on what to expect once you receive your license. Because we are training experts, you can feel confident about your prospects.

License Training Solutions

If you are not sure what type of dealer license you need or have dealer training questions, you could get discouraged. If you have an expert trainer, all you must do is reach out to Superior via email or phone. Your success as an auto dealer is our #1 priority. Our training institute holds your hand through the licensing process. Most importantly, our years of experience enable us to provide the right solutions for your particular business goals.

Long-Lasting Community Relationship

Just like you have built trust with your realtor and physician, we want the same type of relationship with helping you with your San Mateo County auto dealer license training. We strive to build that same trust when it comes to needing car dealership guidance or saving you time. To us, you are not just a customer, you are a valued client who needs to be treated with respect.

San Mateo County Dealership New Car Keys
Working with the expert staff at Superior, you will be selling cars in San Mateo County soon. Most importantly, you will be confident in your success.

More Accessible

Your business and needs change over time and we are here to assist you with all these changes. Whether you are looking to expand and open another dealership, change license types, or get an auto dealer bond, Superior Auto Dealer License Training Institute is here to assist. We do not send you to an FAQ page, or just push you to an online class.

Expert San Mateo County Trainers Are Your #1 Choice

Since we offer standard and custom training and serve many types of dealerships, we can cover all your needs. Plus, when you if you need business or marketing consultation, we can help you with this as well. Get your license, consultation, and business strategy all under one roof to ensure your success.

If you are looking to find a top training institute in San Mateo County for your dealer license, call Superior. We look forward to earning your business and will work hard so your auto dealer business is an enormous success.