Online California New Auto Dealership License Course

Retail, Wholesale, Auto Broker DMV approved online training and certification.
Get certified and start selling cars fast.

Auto Dealer License Class Instructions

California DMV Approved  #CCC0016

Get ready to conquer the DMV test with ease and gain the confidence and knowledge to thrive as a new California auto dealer. Our expert California new auto dealership license course will have you breezing through the DMV application process in record time.

But that’s not all! We go the extra mile to ensure your success. We’re by your side from enrollment to the very end of the course, offering unwavering support and guidance. Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional education and all the assistance you need to excel.

The California DMV requires pre-licensing education to become a licensed Auto Dealer (Retail, Wholesale, or Auto Broker).

Online New Dealer License Course Includes

  • Step by step instructions on how to be approved for your license
  • Rules and regulations of being a new California auto dealer
  • Study material for DMV auto dealer test
  • Certificate of completion

Steps to Obtain Your New Dealer License

  1. Take pre-licensing education new dealer course
  2. Find dealer office location (Retail must be at commercial location, Wholesale can be at home or commercial location)
  3. Create a business entity
  4. Create DMV account for California new dealer license
  5. Schedule DMV dealer test
  6. Open a business bank account
  7. Get your live finger scan
  8. Obtain California seller’s permit
  9. Obtain a surety bond
  10. Take photographs of your new dealership
  11. Pay application fees and schedule your inspection
  12. Start selling vehicles in California!

New License Questions?

Let’s Discuss Your New Dealership

    Here’s the best part. We offer a unique advantage over our competitors. Most importantly, as one of just two DMV Dealer Education Providers in California that provide the essential Dealership Bond and Insurance, we’re your ultimate destination for all your auto dealer license requirements.

    Seize this golden opportunity to stay ahead of the game. Enroll in our course today and embark on an exciting journey towards becoming a triumphant auto dealer in California!

    New Auto Dealer Training Testimonials


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    Had a great experience with Superior Auto Dealer, taking their dealer license class. Duncan was great at going thru the training and was very accessible when it came to answering questions throughout the process. Highly recommended!

    E. D. - Fullerton, 1/18/2022

    I attended Superior Auto Dealer Training with Duncan to get my wholesale auto dealer license. He was so helpful throughout the entire process, very professional and happy.  I received my auto dealer license in 2 months. Thank You Duncan!  I would not go to any other agency.

    Steve C. - Anaheim, 6/19/2022

    I attended the new dealer license training by Superior Auto Dealer.  What a great service and also at a great price! They literally handle all your dealer and insurance needs.  Duncan walks you through the entire process and helps you get your paperwork submitted properly. Duncan is the man!

    Jaycee - Fullerton, 05/20/22

    What a team they have! Duncan helped me out with everything I needed to get my dealer license. It was so easy because he guided me to what to do next. He even came to the office and took pictures. Thanks for everything Duncan!  All my paperwork is submitted to the DMV!

    Elias B. - La Habra, 7/12/2022

    New Auto Dealer License Course Offer

    Unleash your potential with our unbeatable offer: the California New Dealer License Online Course, available now for an incredible price of just $115!

    This course is not just any course; it’s DMV-approved #CCC0016. Within a concise 6-hour timeframe, you’ll dive deep into the world of Pre-Licensing Education. Specifically, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills needed for retail, wholesale, and auto broker success.

    Dreaming of becoming an California Auto Dealer? Look no further! Our course is the essential key to unlock that coveted Auto Dealer License. And as a testament to your achievement, we’ll present you with a Certificate of Completion, fully recognized and endorsed by the DMV.

    This opportunity is a game-changer. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Enroll today, seize the moment, and pave your path to triumph in the dynamic world of auto dealing!