Online California New Auto Dealership License Course

Retail, Wholesale, Auto Broker DMV approved online training and certification.
Get certified and start selling cars fast.

Auto Dealer License Class Instructions

California DMV Approved  #CCC0016

Get ready to conquer the DMV test with ease and gain the confidence and knowledge to thrive as a new dealer. Our expert California new auto dealership license course will have you breezing through the DMV application process in record time.

But that’s not all! We go the extra mile to ensure your success. We’re by your side from enrollment to the very end of the course, offering unwavering support and guidance. Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional education and all the assistance you need to excel.

Here’s the best part: we offer a unique advantage over our competitors. As one of just two DMV Dealer Education Providers in California that provide the essential Dealership Bond and Insurance, we’re your ultimate destination for all your auto dealer license requirements.

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Steps to Obtain Your New Dealer License

  1. Purchase the New Dealer License Online Course
  2. Complete all Training and Get Certified
  3. Take Certification to DMV and Take DMV Test
  4. Submit Your Dealer Package
  5. Start Selling Cars!